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How To Make Sure You Get The Best
Body Corporate Insurance Rates

Unless your insurance broker specialises in Body Corporate Insurance there’s a good chance your policies are not a good fit for your situation. 

That’s because most insurance brokers throw Body Corporates in the same category as the single property landlord. However, having a body corporate is actually an advantage, not a liability, when you know which insurers to work with.

5 Reasons Body Corporates Across NZ Choose Saffron


You Get the Best Terms for Your Body Corporate

Unlike most brokers, we remarket your body corporate insurance policies every year to get the best possible terms and premiums. It’s very time intensive to negotiate with insurers, which is why most brokers don’t do it. But it’s something that sets us apart and our body corporate clients love it!


Management Headaches

Sick of having to deal with all the people in the body corporate or building to agree on insurance cover? We can attend your Body Corporate meetings and help the members understand the required cover - the what, the why, the how much, and the processes that will help keep down insurance costs.


Cover and Advice On Landlords Risks

Each owner needs to be comfortable that the right extensions to the insurance are in place - if the owners are professional landlords, they may want to see cover include landlords contents and loss of rents.


Unforseen Risks

Does your cover extend to risk such as gradual damage from that leaky shower tray on level 12, all the way down to the basement, or even more worrying risks such as Meth contamination ?


Make Admin and Accounting A Breeze!

We don’t just sit behind a desk, we visit client premises / locations and can assist with reducing risk, sharing our knowledge on dealing with difficult situations. We work with clients to mitigate claim losses and help where possible. We can make Admin and Accounting easier through individual invoicing by owner under the body corporate structure Admin - and our fast and easy claims handling makes Saffron a natural choice for Body Corporate Insurance.

How We Get the Best Terms for Body Corporates

Hundreds of Commercial Property clients, Body Corporates, and businesses of all sizes have chosen Saffron because of our proprietary insurance programs created for Body Corporates. We can negotiate the best terms for your buildings because we maintain strong relationships with a wide group of top insurers. The insurers we work with value the expertise we bring, and our solid representation of clients, giving them the ability to manage their risk while negotiating excellent rates for us!

What Others Say About Us

"Saffron takes care of all our business insurances and provide excellent advice and support for us."

"We have dealt with Bianca Painter at Saffron Business Insurance. Bianca’s knowledge of the insurance business, together with the service that has provided by her, has made our insurance portfolio more efficient and easier to understand. Bianca is always available to help with any query or problem and it has been an absolutely pleasure dealing with her. Would highly recommend this company".

"Absolutely Fantastic Fast , Friendly and very professional. This is what every Kiwi business needs to strive to achieve. Saffron Insurance is exemplary".

Body Corporate Insurance Covers

About Saffron

The Body Corporate Insurance Experts!

The Saffron team members have decades of broking experience in Commercial Property Insurance, and Body Corporate Insurance as well as a wider broad commercial experience. This means you’ll be working with true professionals who can quickly ascertain the best cover for your situation — even if your needs are complex. 

As an independent broker, we have access to a wide range of top-rated insurers. This allows us to shop around until we find the best premium and terms for your properties, including offshore. Our primary commitment is to you, the policyholder, not to any one insurance company.

The Saffron team have earned a reputation for going the extra mile for clients. Their commitment to commercial property insurance combined with their passion for representing a client’s best interest set them apart in this industry. 

Saffron is part of the Steadfast network of brokers, one of the largest global network of independent general insurance brokers with 200 brokers, across 130 countries and US$17 billion of gross written premium managed across the network. Saffron has deep expertise in helping clients like you manage risk and insurance arrangements in your commercial property portfolio.

One-Stop Shopping!

Here at Saffron we provide a one-stop shop for Commercial Property Owners. Special care is placed to assure your buildings have the complete insurance protection you need so there are no surprises later on.

We offer competitive rates on the following types of insurance:

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